I help Online Coaches & Course Creators 
attract their ideal clients on autopilot using YouTube Ads!

Grow Your Online Coaching Business using YouTube Ads!
The clients you need, need you too! You already have a great service or course, but are tired of using the “post & pray” method to find clients. It’s not scalable or sustainable. In fact, it's trash. Let me help you find high quality leads (that will actually pay full price for your services!)

I will help you:
  • ​Build brand awareness and gain recognition
  • ​Get in front of your competitors' audiences
  • ​Get consistent, high quality leads on autopilot
  • ​Increase your conversions with proven marketing strategy

Why YouTube Ads? 

68% of people use YouTube to make buying decisions. YouTube is owned by the World's largest search engine - Google. When people are searching on YouTube, they're actively looking for solutions to their problems. 

How awesome would it be to get your offer in front of people who are ALREADY searching for what YOU have to offer?! This is a HUGE opportunity for you & your business! Let’s make advertising on YouTube part of your overall marketing strategy today!


"Done for You" YouTube Ads Management

Learn How the "Whole Lotta Leads" Package Can Help You

Are you itching to start running your own YouTube Ads!? Is your business ready for high quality leads on autopilot?! Click the “Learn More” button below to apply for a strategy session with me so we can see if this is right for your business. On this call, we’ll discuss how YouTube Ads can benefit your business and develop a solid marketing strategy to seamlessly integrate them into.

YouTube Ads are Perfect for You if:

You have an amazing high ticket offer with proven results
You've already earned six figures and want to scale to multi-six figures
You have a high converting funnel
You have a webinar or VSL page
You are comfortable on video
You are clear on who your ideal client is
You are ready to invest at least $50/day per campaign in ad spend
 "I had a mentor that said 'Jelisa's teaching you all the tricks. These are tricks that I was $40,000 in debt from!' If you're interested in becoming the best version of yourself, loving yourself wholeheartedly, running a business that shows the World what you're made of, if you want to build a business that uplifts other people, I really think Jelisa is the person for you" 

Jasmine G., Miocoa Strategies

Jelisa Smith is a YouTube Ads Expert and Digital Marketing Strategist committed to helping online coaches and course creators consistently gain high quality leads on autopilot using YouTube ads so they build their credibility and their business. 
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